Breakouts – Acneic Skin Treatments

What is Acneic Skin? Acneic prone skin is medically known as Acne Vulgaris. It’s when excessive sebum breaks down cellular walls in your pores,This then causes bacteria to grown and then possibly leading onto inflammation. Diet can be a leading factor but also genetics. It is important to use cosmeceutical skincare within your daily routine, as this can help to maintain healthy skin.


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Whiteheads are a mild form of acne. They appear as small, round white bumps on the skin’s surface.

White heads are a ‘closed’ blackhead. They have skin covering the spot which is then usually filled with pus.

You should refrain from squeezing any white heads as you’ll only damage the skin covering the spot, which then can lead to scarring, pigmentation and also the risk of infecting the spot.

I know its not nice to see the white head as they usually appear in the most obvious of places, but please do not pop a white head.


Blackheads are the most common forms of acne. They appear as tiny black dots on the skin. Blackheads are ‘open’ bumps on the skin that are filled with dead skin, oil and dirt The name ‘Blackhead’ comes from the fact it is open meaning its oxodised with the air turning it black. For example.. leave a cut apple out in air it will start to turn brown. This is the same principle for blackhead. If skin was covering the pore it would be a white head as zero oxidising can happen. Blackheads can be extracted if done safely and hygienically We would recommend you booking in one of our facials below to safely remove any blackhead activity.


Papules are small red/pink bumps that have become inflamed.


Pustles are pus filled bumps on the skin. They are usually surrounded with inflammation. They should not be extracted.  


A Nodule acne is a very hard, large, tender that are formed deep within the skin layers. These do not contain pus. Usually inflamed and painful to touch.

Cystic Acne

Cystic acne are usually large, pus filled, red boils that can burst open. If these do burst it can lead to infection. Cystic acne is a more sever form of acne and will need serious care taken by a professional skin technician, using different modalities and homecare.