The Vajacial

The Vajacial – The Facial for your Kitty 4 Steps which Includes a wax & removal of trapped hairs

Vaginal - £60
Armpits - £45

Advance Vajacial

For those who have already had a Vajacial with us previously! 5-6 steps which includes removal of ingrowns. Anti-bacterial mechanical element. Deep concentration on Blackheads, Ingrowns, Discolouration and Irritation. *You will have your wax a week or so before then return for your bespoke vajacial treatment

Vaginal - £70
Armpits - £50

Fur-Free - Ingrown Treatments - NO WAX

Great for those who have previously had laser hair removal or prefer home removal

Vaginal £45
Armpits £45

Advanced techniques that have been upgraded and trialed to ensure we can successfully treat In-growns, lumps/bumps and discoloration.
**For anyone suffering with infammation, pustles or cystic bumps we would suggest you remove hair a week before. You will book in your wax then, you’ll book in the advanced vajacial treatment a week or so later. Paying the one price for the two visits. We use professional dermatologically and gynecologically tested products.