Pigmentation (Hyper-Pigmentation) Treatments

There are 3 main types of hyperpigmentation. Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH), Age Spots, Melasma All forms of Pigmentation are made worse with increased levels of sun exposure. UV exposure on unprotected skin will only make it harder to breakdown hyper-pigmentation.



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Post Inflammatory Pigmentation

This usually occurs when damage has happened to the skin. PIH happens when you skin has produced too much melanin for the injury that has occurred on the skin. Whilst all skin types can suffer with PIH its usually more apparent in darker skin types.

Age Spots

Sun Spots appear as darker patches of skin. They are flat. They are found on areas of the body that have usually experienced high levels of UV exposure.


Also known as chloasma. This is a common skin condition which are seen as brown or greyish patches of pigmentation on the skin. Melasma can happen due to medication or pregnancy – known as ‘pregnancy mask’. Melasma can last for years or a lifetime.