Redness – Rosacea​

While we are not able to diagnose you have rosacea we know the main signs for this concern such as; *A burning / stinging sensation *Redness/ flushing/blushing on the cheeks, chin and forehead than can come and go. *Dry skin – raised red patches on the skin *swollen bumps – can resemble acne   Rosacea can be made worse by the following factors: Alcohol, exercise, hormonal imbalances, stress, spicy foods, , caffeine, saunas Treating rosacea We cannot cure Rosacea as the real truth why we have it is still unknown. The good news is that technology is far more advanced now and other than topical creams we now have in clinic treatments that are very effective against the redness, rash and spots that are associated with Rosacea.

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